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Financial Recovery After A Trucking Accident

Semitrucks, 18-wheelers, heavy equipment and other commercial vehicles are particularly dangerous on the road. Even though their drivers are subject to more training and regulations, they still can be negligent at work. When they are, serious accidents and injuries can occur on Missouri roadways.

At The E. Rex Bradley Law Firm, P.C., we fight for injury victims and their recovery after serious trucking accidents. With more than 40 years of experience, we are known for getting results in cases throughout Louisiana, Missouri, and the surrounding areas.

Proving Negligence In A Trucking Accident

The parties involved in commercial vehicle accident cases can be more complex than standard passenger vehicle accidents. Why? Because trucking company operations and management are called into question. If a truck driver was negligent or made an error on the road, the trucking company may be to blame for a variety of reasons:

  • Was the driver properly trained?
  • Was the driver overworked and suffering from driver fatigue?
  • Did shifting freight from improper loading cause the accident?
  • Was the truck properly maintained or did equipment malfunction cause the accident?

You need to know your attorney can investigate the true cause of the accident, prove which party (or parties) is liable for the injury, and demonstrate the full extent of financial and physical damages you have suffered as a result. Contact us online or by telephone at 573-560-3114 to arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer.